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Spray Drying

For over 40 years, we've been at the forefront of spray drying and agglomeration technologies.

Proprietary technology.

We've been the leading innovators in spray drying since the 1960's. Our team of food engineers are continually devising new systems that produce superior quality output with exceptional flavor, texture and particle identity. And, we are consistently realizing higher yields and higher-volume throughput.  Our spray drying technology sets us apart.


We have a pre-eminent reputation for spray-drying difficult-to-manage compounds including all forms of non-nutritive sweeteners, sensitive flavors, juice powders, high-fat systems, and high-sugar systems. Our facility includes three dryers: two with 500-1,800 lbs/ hour capacity, and a third with 50-500 lbs/ hour capacity. The small unit is ideal for pilot plant or experimental work.


Brady also has considerable experience in the agglomeration of powders. Agglomeration is most commonly used to improve the dispersibility of powder, to increase bulk, or to granulate the powder to increase density and reduce dustiness.